Uniquely tailored software solutions

Virtually Clear is a privately owned company; that assists small and medium enterprises by creating hybrid software solutions.

Our custom software solutions are tailored uniquely to specific business needs to ensure that it’s a practical tool to streamline operations and increase productivity.
Virtually Clear creates industry-specific solutions that can cost-effectively assist in multiple administrative and operational responsibilities.

Our software solution gives business owners more time to focus on growing their businesses and serving their customers rather than drowning in administrative duties and tedious processes.

We at Virtually Clear task ourselves to work with you, becoming a trusting partner in your success.

The company’s vision and mission are supported by the values of Emerald Veldtman, founder of Virtually Clear, which has already existed since July 2010.

With Emerald at the helm, Virtually Clear believes in delivering products and services that are authentic, ethical and innovative. Always ensure the entrepreneur is at the core of all processes and activities.

Brand Identity

The essence of Virtually Clear is reflected in the company’s logo

The baobab is a uniquely African recognizable element, symbolizing the distinctive and innovative side of Virtually Clear, which is in Cape Town, South Africa

Green embodies the nurturing, caring side of the company.

Blue shows the company’s involvement and commitment to the corporate environment

  • The basic shape of the circle represents the company’s core values and offerings
  • The leaves and basic shape of the baobab tree is a visual representation of the company’s interaction with the environment
  • Contrasts in the company’s different facets and capabilities are emphasized by the sharp contrasting colors

Virtually Clear is governed by Virtual Documents Pty(Ltd).

Virtual Documents Pty(Ltd) provides the technology and processes that allow the Virtually Clear products to offer multi-dimensional authentication in the virtual web environment.

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