What is an authentic e-document?

Document owners can now prove the authenticity of an electronic document without presenting a certified copy of the original legal record. This saves time and money and guarantees that your authentic document is easily accessible in a secure online environment.

An authentic e-document is an electronic document that has proven its authenticity in its digital form. Electronic documents introduced in any legal proceedings, including court, have to be proven as authentic to be legally considered.

Usually, legal records can be shared via courier or post, by sending the original or certified copy. This poses certain risks. Furthermore, sharing the scanned document online is not a good legal option, since the authenticity of the document will be lost. Only authentic digital documents are considered legal.

Proving the authenticity of your online documents can be easily done by using electronic signatures and creating new electronic original documents via a cloud solution. It is advisable to use an online storage tool for your digital documents, which is easily accessible when needed. Virtually Clear’s LOC your DOC is such an online application to store your authentic digital documents, with numerous benefits:

  • All your documents are kept securely in one place
  • Your documents are securely accessible from any web connection
  • Your documents can be pre-certified
  • Newly created authentic documents that exist only in electronic form (electronic originals)
  • Authenticated electronic copies of important documents
  • Electronic signatures to prove authenticity of documents using a bio-metric based electronic signature

Storing all your authentic digital documents, be it identification documents or business contracts, in a secure place, is highly recommended. This saves enormous time associated with searching for originals, making copies, certifying, not to mention the space and security issues of storing your documents in your office.

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