1.    What makes the Virtually Clear products different from other commercially available products?

The main differentiating feature of the Virtually Clear products are that they are web-based.  The benefit of this is that the program and data are available wherever the user has access to the internet.  Furthermore, it is a secure database log-in system that gives you real-time updating of information and data – what you see is how it happens.

An additional benefit is the modular format of the products – you only select the modules/applications that are needed in managing your business.  Implementation of these applications are done in a non-intrusive manner, which results in minimal time-loss switching between applications or implementing the different modules into your company.

2.    What is authentication and why is it necessary to do authentication?

Authentication is the process of validating something or someone as the ‘real or original item’.  In an electronic environment it has become essential to trust what is presented to you as real and/or original.  Without the means to validate an item as the real or original item, one cannot trust what is being presented to you.

Through following an approved authentication process with this electronic information / documentation, it is possible to trust the electronic format of what is being presented.  The availability of trusted electronic documentation reduces our dependency on the use of only the original paper documentation.

The authentication process applied by Virtually Clear Secure Product Specialists in the CLE@R product line, subscribe to this approved process as governed by Virtual Documents Pty(Ltd).

3.    Why is a secure environment so important? – FAQ answering any questions?

Most of us would like to keep confidential and original items in a safe place.  Without a real secure environment on the internet, this information or documentation is available to anyone who wants to access it or make use of it in an unlawful manner.

A secure environment is not always guaranteed by a log-in.

There are very specific devices and systems that need to be in place to ensure that the environment is in actual fact safe and secure.
To read more about this topic on a secure environment click here.

4.    Is it possible to use the Virtually Clear products in conjunction with other/existing management programs and applications?  If so, how?

Yes, it is possible. The Virtually Clear products are based on the principle of meeting the specific need of the client – Customization.

If required, data links are designed to successfully integrate data and establish communication between the various systems.  So, if a system works for you but does not address all your needs, it would be possible to fill the gap that exists by providing you with a solution to get the information necessary to manage your business effectively.

5.    Is it possible to create a paperless environment?

Yes, it is possible. With the introduction of hi-tech devices such as high quality scanners, tablet computers such as iPad’s and many other electronic devices used in conjunction with software to create electronic formats of documents instead of a printed copy, a paperless environment has become a reality.

It is part of the mission of Virtually Clear to make the world a world functioning and doing business without using paper unnecessarily.  Already it is possible to do away with old records and documentation through electronic storage and any future storage can be done in electronic format and not on paper. Of course the safety and authenticity of this documentation is essential.

By creating authenticated electronic documents, it would no longer be necessary to have paper copies of these documents.  And by making use of LOC your DOC, it is possible to keep and share these electronic documents in a safe and secure internet environment.

Virtually Clear gives everyone the choice to Keep IT Authentic.

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