Online and Smartphone safety for your children

Protecting your own and your child’s personal information starts with you! In fact, online and smartphone safety for your children should be a number one priority!

Although companies will be held accountable by complying with the POPI Act, you must also be careful how you deal with your own information. Be observant of what is presented on the screen where your data is collected.  Is there an express consent box to be ticked for repeat contact, or an acknowledgement of the company’s privacy policy?

Unfortunately, kids are not always observant of the above. Nowadays children are exposed to electronic communication at a very young age. They should be made aware of how precious their information is when they receive their first device. Their information can easily be exploited and a child could be physically at risk.

Photo by Emielke Badenhorst

Nadine Blom, singer and motivational speaker, gives talks at schools, churches and universities about online and smartphone safety. She equips both parents and children to use electronic communication in a safe manner. Nadine is a qualified lawyer that has a master’s degree in Human Trafficking.  She is also involved with the campaign against Woman and Child abuse. She will be seen on Wonder TV in the program @verskilmakers.

This song ‘Lig breek deur’ is very uplifting as it gives hope after a storm.

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