Have you heard about the PoPI Act? Why does it matter? Are you convinced that your children’s information at school won’t be leaked to strangers?

If your business processes personal information, then complying with PoPI is your responsibility. Estate Agencies, Pre-schools, Daycare Centres, Old Age Homes, marketing agencies and almost any other business collect personal data from their clients and need to learn how to handle that information correctly.

Both businesses and individuals need to be compliant with the PoPi Act, but what does it mean to be compliant? How are you going to protect the personal information used in your business?
How can Virtually Clear help you?
In a nutshell – we’ll tell you where to start with your PoPI projects and help you make it a success.
Apart from helping you and your staff understand the PoPI Act, we’ll also show you how to manage the personal information you collect so that you comply with the act while addressing your customer’s needs and protecting your business.
We can provide and implement some quick solutions such as a secure, web-based environment, user logins, profile security and data specific security where data is provided on a need-to-know basis only.
Virtually Clear will fast-track your efforts and help you to focus on the right things – the gathering, archiving and destroying of information.
We have systems in place that will make complying a painless process.

Responsible handling of personal information is the right thing to do! Don’t wait untill it’s too late. Now is the time to become compliant and be ready for the PoPI Act. With Virtually Clear on your side, you can!