Authentic e-documents and e-signatures

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Are your electronic documents authentic?

In general it is difficult to prove the authenticity of an electronic document, without presenting a certified copy of the original legal record. Currently a legal record can be shared in two ways:

  • The original or a certified copy can be sent to the recipient using a courier or post
  • The record can be re-scanned and electronically forwarded, but the authenticity of the document is lost

Is there another safe, easy and efficient way to prove authenticity of your documents?

Prove the authenticity of your documents with LOC your DOC

More than just online document storage, our service enables  you to prove the authenticity of your documents in a secure web-based environment, by offering:

Online storage of authentic documents

Electronic signatures (biometric based)

What are the benefits of using LOC your DOC(e-Documents)?

  • All your documents are kept securely in one place
  • Your documents are securely accessible from any web connection
  • Your documents can be pre-certified
  • Newly created authentic documents that exist only in electronic form (electronic originals)
  • Authenticated electronic copies of important documents
  • Electronic signatures to prove authenticity of documents using a biometric based electronic signature

Should I use e-documents storage and e-signatures for my business?

LOC your DOC is an affordable service that is available to individuals, companies and institutions.

Trust LOC your DOC with your documents.

Schematic Representation

Schematic representation of the authentication and storage process used in LOC your DOC.

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