Authentic Finance

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Authentic Finance  – The ultimate secure web-based application for the financial industry

Authentic Finance was developed with the finance industry professionals in mind in order to:

  • Securely manage company finances and gain protection from fraudulent activities
  • Create a community of trusted, authentic professionals in the financial industry
  • Authenticate financial professionals and documentation

Authentic Finance

What are the benefits of Authentic Finance?

Authentic Finance is the latest addition to the CLE@R product range to assist financial professionals with:

  • Audit trails, accountability and transparency of financial entries and business deals
  • Secure, authentic and traceable documentation for financial auditing purposes, in compliance to legislation
  • Authentic electronic signatures to financial professionals to validate electronic documentation
  • A paperless financial environment

Should I use Authentic Finance for my business?

Accounting practices, auditors, taxmen, financial professionals and finance industry professionals should make use of Authentic Finance. If you are a legal professional or have a law practice, go to Authentic Law.

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