Authentic LAW – The ultimate secure web-based application for legal practitioners

Authentic Law was developed with legal practitioners in mind in order to:

  • Assist the legal profession in accepting, trusting and using electronic communications that are authentic and traceable
  • Authenticate legal practitioners and secure retention of authenticated records

What are the benefits of Authentic LAW?

  • Authenticate professional individuals including Attorneys and Notaries, making use of biometric verification
  • Establish a community of trusted professionals in the legal society
  • Comply with legislation
  • Enforce accountability and secure forensic traceability of conduct
  • Issue secure electronic signatures to authenticated professionals
  • Secure integrity of information

Should I use Authentic LAW for my business?

Law practices, legal practitioners, attorneys, notaries and law industry professionals should make use of Authentic Law. If you are a financial professional or your business is in the financial industry, go to Authentic Finance.

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