PRISM – Web-Based Management Applications

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Do you want to have access to your documents, processes and financial information from anywhere, any time?

Do you need a secure, real virtual office space?

Are you constantly on the move or need remote access to your documents at all times?

Web-based management applications are secure, easy to manage and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, by simply connecting to the Internet. Your business will function in a real virtual office space, wherever you are!

Introducing PRISM, our innovative secure web-based application to easily manage your daily business activities and financial processes. What’s more, PRISM will help you reduce your carbon footprint with its virtual office and paperless management processes.

Why use our Web-Based Management Applications?

The tailor-made modular design of PRISM gives you a choice of selecting the best fit for your needs:

  • Project management (tenders, job-costing, tracking of expenses)
  • Resources management (EFT payments, time sheets, log sheets)
  • Financial management of suppliers and customers (payment certificates, orders, invoicing, deliveries, sub-contractors, debtors, reconciliations)
  • Document, process and user management

You will be able to securely execute the following functions:

  • Online creation and approval of requisitions, invoices, orders, supplier payments, S & T claims and time sheets
  • Integration with existing company information subsystems, thus eliminating duplication of data and the need for paper documentation.

What are the benefits of using a web-based management application?

  • Accessibility and convenience for business owners
  • Secure and paperless storage of documents, processes and financial information
  • Custom-made, modular design to suit your specific business processes
  • Non-intrusive and customizable – can interface with existing programs
  • Functionality and efficiency in organizing and managing your business

Do you have an existing management program that does not give you the functionality to effectively manage your business? Have you been told that, in order to get additional functionality, you need to replace your existing system? The modular design of PRISM benefits your business by providing a perfect fit through a non-intrusive implementation. PRISM can be easily tailor-made to interface with existing programs.

Should my business use PRISM?

PRISM is ideal for use by small to medium sized businesses with limited personnel, limited time and management needs not addressed by existing programmes.  As business grows and evolves, you can add additional PRISM modules to fit specific needs in your business.

View our current PRISM users on this page top right corner and click on the Customer Log-In link to view our web-based management application in action.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Current PRISM Users

Emerald Utility Systems >>Click to Log In

Virtually Clear Secure Product Specialists (Pty) Ltd  >>Click to Log In

Virtual Documents (Pty) Ltd  >>Click to Log In

Former PRISM Users

GB Square (Pty) Ltd

Trio Afslaers/Auctioneers

Virtual Consulting Engineers 

Virtually Clear Products

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