Starting the journey!

Written by: Emerald Veldtman (

The idea to Authenticate people online and giving a person a virtual authentic persona started with LOC your DOC in 2005. LOC your DOC makes authenticated Notaries, Charted Accountants and Commissioner of Oaths available to certify an electronic document as a true copy of an original paper document.

The biggest challenge was to ensure that the Notaries, Charted Accountants and Commissioner of Oaths were authentic each time they certified an electronic document. The only way we could ensure this was by combining all the factors used in the paper world but in an electronic manner. This meant that some sort of bio-metric check was needed. We had to ensure that the ‘virtual’ person is authentic each time.

Over the past few years bio-metric devices became affordable, accessible and easy to carry with you, just like your computer mouse. This made it possible to provide a convenient, Easy-to-use solution to certify electronic documents.

In the end it evolved to so much more –

  • Why stop at authenticating Notaries, Charted Accountants and Commissioner of Oaths?
  • Why can’t ordinary people like you and me also have an authentic e-presence?

Now we also provide an authentication process for any of our users by following the same rules and procedures. Once you have your authentic e-presence you can sign Invoices, Orders and Contracts etc. on-line. Finally, the beginning of the end of the Paper War. Think of your computer as your new pen!

Now we can conduct authentic e-business with our clients and between ourselves.

Thanks to Blank-book Websites & Online Marketing , we now have an open canvas to take you on this fascinating and challenging journey to a truly paperless world.

The journey actually starts within each of you, with a mind shift – are you up for an authentic evolution?

Keep IT Simple.


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