Why a Hybrid Software Solution is perfect for your South African Business

In this article, we want to discuss a Hybrid Software Solution in South Africa. You might have heard different terms when it comes to software solutions. From bespoke solutions to off-the-shelf. In fact, the industry is full of jargon.

And we do not want to simply add to it. At least not without reason and definitely not without a vision and value-stack behind it.

However, we believe there is one more option.

A hybrid solution.

In this article, we would like to discuss why a hybrid software solution is perfect for your South African Business. Apart from the solution, we will also discuss our practical vision of implementing it while providing value and support, especially in the all-important local trade industry.

However, before we move on to all the benefits, let us first establish:

What is a hybrid software solution?

A hybrid software solution provides management software access to start-ups and smaller businesses through a central system specifically developed for a particular industry. This allows start-ups a cost-effective option while they grow and scale their businesses. Since the central system is already industry specific this innovative hybrid option nurtures small business growth. Lastly, the hybrid system is based on mobile-first technology, allowing businesses to transcend traveling and other geographical barriers, leaving the operator to manage and grow their business at the point of service.

We get it, the formal definition might be a mouthful, but in essence, a hybrid software solution boils down to this:

  • Small business owners get access to an industry-specific central software solution, already developed for that industry.
  • Since the central system has already been developed, hybrid access is far cheaper for the start-up.
  • Since the system is mobile-first, you can operate wherever you are, ensuring secure login. This is perfect for both the one-man show and larger operations.

Of course, there are more benefits to this type of system. Some of which we cover in this article of why local businesses should take their job cards mobile.

However, at Virtually Clear we believe that apart from the right management system potential business owners should also receive the right mentoring in order to better their chances of success.

Why a Hybrid Software Solution is perfect for your South African Business
Photo by: Antony Trivet

We all know the probability of success when starting a new venture is low. It is crucial to equip new businesses with the right tools, training, and knowledge transfer from leaders who have done it before.

Remember success leaves clues.

Therefore, we are partnering with industry mentors and mentorship programs, especially in the trade industry. This allows the start-up to understand how to run their business in their chosen industry and then leverage the hybrid system for all their management needs.

Now that sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

It goes without saying that entrepreneurship is an economic growth opportunity in South Africa. According to many experts, it is the only viable tool to really drive economic growth in our country. However, we have our challenges where the cost of startup, tools and the right training meets.

And that is where we are on a mission to revitalize the entrepreneurship environment in South Africa with a simple equation as we discussed in this article.

Mobile-first hybrid system + Mentorship = Success

So, if you are in a mentor or in a mentorship capacity, then we would love to hear from you to determine if we can find common ground and change the circumstances of so many young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Simply contact us to start the conversation, or follow us on LinkedIn.

Keep IT Simple.


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