Why local artisan businesses should take their job cards mobile

In this article, we are going to discuss why local artisan businesses should take their job cards mobile.

One of the many time-consuming issues a local artisan business faces is the process of completing job cards while at the premises of a client.

Apart from the physical time spent filling it in, reconciling the data back into your business management software system also costs money. 

In an era where everything is going digital, it’s time to make use of the power of technology. Job cards are an integral part of your business and we believe that a mobile-first application should assist in making this process manageable at a lower cost (more on cost later).

That said, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, and before we offer you the main benefits, first let’s answer a basic question.

Why should a local artisan business even consider taking their all-important job cards from paper to mobile?

In general, going mobile will have a direct cost saving in printing job card books, it reduces storage and filing, thus providing a time-saving element as well. Most importantly going paperless and using mobile technology that integrates with your management system streamlines your administration.

That was a mouthful, however, let’s look at each benefit in more detail.

Cost saving

In all businesses, large or small, including artisan businesses, the bottom line of cost – and practical methods of cost-saving – is of extreme importance.

Artisan businesses rely on their job cards for many reasons. Normally these are printed books and printing these is an expensive cost. In fact, an average increase of 30% in the global printing industry has been recorded since March 2022, with little hope of seeing this drop in the medium term. With this in mind, going mobile is a direct operating cost reduction.

And if you are running a multi-person artisan business, these printing costs simply add up. Comparing that to the ease of your employees using the one device they already own and always carry with them – their mobile phones – should immediately provide your business with a much-needed cost reduction. Also, pre-filled job cards save labor costs as well.

So, if bottom-line cost saving is a concern in your business, then going mobile is the solution.

A paperless integrated system

Now that we have established the all-important cost saving, the other major benefit of taking your artisan business mobile is the integration possibilities of your job cards with your management system.

Once integrated, final invoicing and general management become a few clicks instead of a few hours of work. In an era of speed and productivity, this will make sense to any business, regardless of size. Not to mention your admin team will love you, allowing them to focus on other areas of your business.

Also, less printing, scanning, and filing also result in fewer mistakes. This in turn brings us back to the main cost-saving benefit.

We hope that you are seeing a pattern of potential success for your artisan business.

The Solution

In this article, we explained two of the main benefits of mobile solutions for your business. In short, with the rise of printing costs and the goal of better overall efficiency a bottom-line win, then perhaps it is time for you to consider going mobile.

So, if you want to reduce time and cost and increase revenue and productivity, take the next step in the evolution of your business by speaking to Virtually Clear. We pride ourselves on developing practical mobile-first software for artisan businesses.

In fact, we can offer you a fully integrated job card system at flexible pricing to suit your budget and needs. And hopefully, you now have a better idea as to why local artisan businesses should take their job cards mobile.

If this interests you and you would like more information then contact us today for an introductory discussion, also follow us on Linkedin.

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