Company Coordination and Compliance – the measure of corporate governance

Where do you record and keep track of your company’s documentation?  In what format is it stored?  How much duplication is taking place?  Can you track decisions and processes?  Do your employees have access to the latest policies and procedures?  Do you comply with the new Companies Act?
Our company coordination and compliance function, CoCo, is a secure web-based application that allows a company or organization to effectively:

  • co-ordinate, record and manage business processes, resources and documentation
  • record and manage communication (both internal and external)

How will my business benefit from using a web-based compliance tool?

Applications and benefits of a company coordination and compliance application such as CoCo include:

  • keeping track of legal documentation
  • use of electronic signatures
  • storing of contracts and agreements
  • keeping record of employee job descriptions and performance evaluations
  • planning and recording of meetings and tracking resulting task/projects/decisions
  • storing and maintaining company policies & procedures
  • planning of training sessions, recording of training done in company and publishing on-line training material
  • recording  of company assets and allocations to employees/divisions/branches
  • RICA registration
  • company structure information
  • contact management (details on companies, suppliers, customers)

What makes CoCo ideal to implement?

  • Reduces your company’s carbon footprint with its virtual office and paperless processes
  • It is hosted in a secure environment
  • Provides easy access for all users via the web
  • Increases your company’s bottom line through effective corporate governance

Useful information – New Companies Act (No 71 of 2008).

Should I use CoCo for my business?

Users of the CoCo application include companies of all sizes, law professionals, medical professionals, consumer groups and governing bodies. If corporate governance and legislation are pressing issues in your business, consider implementing CoCo for easy, efficient and meaningful business governance.

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Company Coordination and Compliance