Why your consulting business needs a time management system.

In this article we are investigating why your consulting business needs a time management system in South Africa.

You would be excused if an image of a clock-in box with a shelf of hard paper cards next to it is your first thought when you hear the term time management.

The typical factory setting you have seen so many times before in the movies. Workers reluctantly enter the building, punching their cards in for the day.

You are definitely excused if that is your image of time management.

See, like every productivity tool invented in the previous century, time management systems have totally transformed over the years. From production clock-ins to subscription SAAS models to bespoke unique solutions there are plenty of options and variations to choose from.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you are a consulting business, charging per hour, your system is literally everything in your business. A system worthy of your expertise and the solution you offer together with the right mix of functionality and flexibility.

Just the perfect mixture.

However, before we get carried away and start thinking about delicious recipes, let’s first determine your time management requirements. Now, these questions can all be applicable.

  • Are you looking for a new clock-in solution?
  • Do you need to track your time perfectly for invoicing?
  • Better yet, do you have a team that works on specific tasks and needs to track each member’s time to complete each quoted item?
  • Worst, have you ever been in a retrospective with a client and had to justify each item without proper time tracking?

Well, as you would notice these are only a few situations where a time tracking system becomes a crucial element for project management and reporting.

See, with a time management solution, everything about your business becomes more efficient. Not only is the captured data transparent but it also offers real value. It is the perfect way to make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are. And with our easy-to-use interface, it’s never been easier to track real productivity and output.

Now, that you know the need for a time management system, the question beacons which solution would be the best for your business.

Of course, budget and cash flow would be a massive consideration. Then again, cheaper with limited functionality is also not always the most “cost-effective” over the long hall. If you are required to constantly integrate or manually add extra reporting based on the time tracking input, the admin burden can quickly consume your opportunity cost.

If you require a bespoke solution, unique to your needs and processes, then look no further than Virtually Clear’s time management system.

Apart from capturing every minute necessary to complete any project, you can also

  • Set up the system to clearly identify which tasks should be billed for against a timeframe and which task is non-billable
  • Seamlessly take the original information from your original quote and add it to your billable items for time management
  • Have a clear and concise clock tracking system, even for those team members not at a computer and doing things on the run through mobile smart technology.
  • Integrate into an invoicing system to tie up the final deliverables of any project or consultation

The above are only a few major benefits of implementing our time management system.

What makes us unique is we believe in your uniqueness. To implement systems bespoke to your needs. And that is why we believe your business might also require a custom software solution, as we discuss in this article.


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