Expo and Congress bookings are made easy with online Custom-Plan Stand Software

Expo and congress bookings are made easy with online Custom-Plan Stand Software. This really generates demand for the Ultimate Spot!

Virtually Clear has designed the Events Co-Ordination Module, whereby any event, big or small can be managed from one central space. The aim of the Events Co-Ordination Module is to help you stay on top of your event, enabling you to divide and conquer the management of events efficiently.

The Events Co-Ordination Module has been designed with great precision, as we understand that your event is a great priority.

Online registration of Exhibitors and Delegates, as well as back-office administration involved in putting together of events can easily be managed by the Events Co-Ordination Module and the management of data in the back-office has never been so simple.

You can view all your Sponsored Delegates, your Delegate Payments Due for your delegates and view all your Payments that have been made, up to date. In this article, we also discuss how to streamline your exhibitor’s stall reservations. 

By using the Events Co-Ordination Module stalls can be sold from the floor plan online. The module has ensured a full online view of  stalls available and stalls reserved for an event. Once a reservation has been confirmed the name of the Team or Company will appear, which means that Teams and Companies can benefit by getting online exposure long before the event takes place.

A few Functions that can be managed on the Events Co-Ordination Module:

  • View a full list of payments due by Delegates
  • View a full list of payments that you have made
  • View the number of Delegates Attending
  • View the number of Delegated Not Attending
  • View the number Accompanying Persons Attending
  • Also view the total Attending, etc.

Virtually Clear also boasts with its new Self-Help facility for Exhibitors to control and manage their Stall Staff and other information as well as any Delegates that they sponsor.

Virtually Clear takes great pride in offering services that are tailor-made to suite each organisation specific needs. Virtually Clear understands that no two businesses operate the same and therefore we ensure that we adapt according to YOUR needs.

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