How to Streamline Exhibitors Stall Reservations.

Would you like to streamline exhibitors stall reservation procedures, cut down on administration time and costs, and increase your revenue? Virtually Clear’s congress management system has proven to do just that.

Virtually Clear’s online booking system boosts productivity and improves reservation procedures by optimizing the process – from initial investigation of stall availability by prospective exhibitors to final numbers and layout confirmation for all involved.

By implementing this user-friendly system, prospective exhibitors can view the floor plan online and directly reserve whichever available space they desire by simply clicking on the stall; eliminating duplications and providing instant confirmation without any waiting period for administration processes.

The online floor plan also allows prospective exhibitors to see who else has booked a stall which fosters a competitive environment and creates a sense of urgency to obtain a desirable stall location. Virtually Clear’s congress management system has resulted in stall spaces being sold out quicker and revenues being increased.

streamline exhibitors stall reservation

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