Why is a secure environment important?

In this article, we discuss why Identity Security is Important to all businesses.

Information on the Internet is readily accessible via computers and smartphones 24/7. The news is filled with stories about fraud and corruption, identity theft and phishing schemes. We discuss online Smartphone safety for your children in this article.

In a normal paper driven environment, we lock our sensitive documentation away. In an internet environment, we need to take measures to ensure that our sensitive information and documentation is also ‘locked away’ and that it is secure. None of us want other people to freely have access to our bank accounts or company information.

Very few of us are truly aware of what a secure internet environment entails, as we all expect companies and organisations to make sure our information is protected.

Do all the organisations provide a secure internet environment? Not necessarily, and that is why it is important for the general public to identify secure and non-secure internet sites.

You should know how to differentiate between a secure website and a non-secure website.

  • In the first place look at the navigation bar at top of the page, there should be a lock and address should start with https.

  • When you click on the ‘lock’ image  you can see if the certificate is valid.

  • You can also view additional information on the certificate to validate the security of the site.

This is the starting point to ensuring that you are working with information in a secure internet environment. The next step is to look at the account Log in facilities.

Hopefully, this short article has shed some light on why Identity Security is Important to all businesses.

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