Investing in a Secure Legal Virtual Office according to YOUR needs

Virtually Clear proudly introduces you to, the Legal Practice Module, whereby any case, big or small can be managed from one central space, your virtual office for a Secure Legal Virtual Office.

Virtually Clear’s Legal Practice Module has been designed to help you stay on top of your cases. As with all of Virtually Clear’s products, the Legal Practice Module has been designed with great precision, keeping security in mind at all times.

The Legal Practice Module has been designed with a Client Portfolio facility, whereby clients can be viewed and/or sorted with provision made for associated cases of clients to be linked together.

Consultants linked to specific cases can easily book time with the Legal Practice Module. A report of Daily booked time is now easily available for viewing. Not only do you have the ability to view daily booked time, but also time booked in the last three months to give an overview to the manager.

A function has also been designed whereby diary follow ups can be inserted whilst booking time. Follow ups then fall into an “Action To Do” bar. The Action To Do bar is divided into 5 manageable portions, Due, Today, Next 7 Days, Next 30 Days, Next 60 Days. Making it easy to divide and conquer the workload.

The Action To Do bar makes managing tasks that needs to be done easy and helps you do things TODAY and not leave it for tomorrow. Tasks can also be seen when employees are on sick leave or on vacation leave and can be allocated to other available employees.

Other functions of the Legal Practice Module to establish a Secure Legal Virtual Office:

  • Inserting and viewing Disbursements
  • Invoicing

Virtually Clear takes great pride in offering services that are tailor-made to suite each organisation’s specific needs. Virtually Clear understands that no two businesses operate the same and therefore we ensure that we adapt according to YOUR needs.

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